Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm Lisa a mom to two girls and a wife to a US Navy Submariner. I have a passion for running, nutrition and all things fitness. For me running or training hard at the gym equals 24 hours of complete joy in a day. If this blog inspires and helps motivate you, then I hope you continue reading.

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11 September 2013

5K 9/11 POW Race Recap

I don't have much of race recap, I'm just glad the run is over. Beginning of the race I felt great until around mile 2 I took a brief walking break. It's unusually hot in WA state right now (90 degrees). My arms were dead, abs were sore and my legs could barely move. 

Finishing time was 26:36 (not a PR). 

I'm pretty sure the distance on my garmin is accurate, the race seemed to be a bit short. 

10 September 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday - JUST DO IT

Don't mind my face. haha
Whatever your fitness goals are; you can research as much as you want online, look at all the motivational pictures on pinterest or read every single fitness magazine out there, nothing will change if you don't actually start DOING.

When something is a priority it gets done. Period. It’s not what we claim are our priorities, but how we spend our time each day that reveals the truth. You can make excuses. You can always try to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect this, the perfect that… but it won’t get you anywhere. To get where you want to go you just have to start DOING. It makes all the difference. Making excuses takes the same amount of time as making progress.

08 September 2013

Weekly Recap

Weekly Workout

Sun: 3 Mile Run
Mon: Track Workout & Legs
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thur: Rest
Fri: Shoulders, Abs &  Incline Sprints

For anyone looking for a good documentary to watch on Nextflix, check out Usain Bolt The Fastest Man Alive. It's an inspiring story about a extraordinary athlete. Highly recommended.