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10 September 2011

5K 9/11 Memorial Run Race Recap


Mile 1 - 8:42
Mile 2 - 8:28
Mile 3 - 8:35

I just completed a 9/11 memorial run on base. This was such a great run for me. I did a lot better than I had expected. My clean eating ways have gone completely out the window. I've been eating out at restaurants or fast food for last month and half. So when I placed 2nd in my age group or 47th over all out of 260 people, I was completely SURPRISED! I forgot to stop my garmin at the end of the race but the race organizers say I completed the 5k in 26:47. This was my first 5k event so here is a race that will go in the record books for me :)

Mile 1- At the start of the race I tried my best just to go my OWN pace. I always have to remember that running is a race against yourself; if I see others ahead of me, it's OKAY!

Since I am running on a military base there were a few groups running in formation yelling out there chant or "candence". Hearing them motivated me. I ran my ass off trying to keep the runners in formation behind me.

Mile 2- Being familiar with the course and running on it several times before the race really helped me. At mile 2 I slowed down because I knew the hills were comming up. I have run on these hills plenty of times so I knew what to expect.

Mile 3- The final stretch is flat so I took off running and kept saying to myself "Move your arms as fast as you can and your legs will follow".

My oldest daughter asked if I won any $$. It would of been nice to win some money but I got a medal instead. I'll take it :)

Now I still have to complete my weekly long run :/