Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm Lisa a mom to two girls and a wife to a US Navy Submariner. I have a passion for running, nutrition and all things fitness. For me running or training hard at the gym equals 24 hours of complete joy in a day. If this blog inspires and helps motivate you, then I hope you continue reading.

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11 September 2013

5K 9/11 POW Race Recap

I don't have much of race recap, I'm just glad the run is over. Beginning of the race I felt great until around mile 2 I took a brief walking break. It's unusually hot in WA state right now (90 degrees). My arms were dead, abs were sore and my legs could barely move. 

Finishing time was 26:36 (not a PR). 

I'm pretty sure the distance on my garmin is accurate, the race seemed to be a bit short. 

10 September 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday - JUST DO IT

Don't mind my face. haha
Whatever your fitness goals are; you can research as much as you want online, look at all the motivational pictures on pinterest or read every single fitness magazine out there, nothing will change if you don't actually start DOING.

When something is a priority it gets done. Period. It’s not what we claim are our priorities, but how we spend our time each day that reveals the truth. You can make excuses. You can always try to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect this, the perfect that… but it won’t get you anywhere. To get where you want to go you just have to start DOING. It makes all the difference. Making excuses takes the same amount of time as making progress.

08 September 2013

Weekly Recap

Weekly Workout

Sun: 3 Mile Run
Mon: Track Workout & Legs
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thur: Rest
Fri: Shoulders, Abs &  Incline Sprints

For anyone looking for a good documentary to watch on Nextflix, check out Usain Bolt The Fastest Man Alive. It's an inspiring story about a extraordinary athlete. Highly recommended. 

31 August 2013

Motivation - Inspiration - Quotes

You'll be much more successful if you follow your dreams and follow your passions. 
- Jay Weatherill.

Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.

28 August 2013

Weekly Recap - Home Gym - Chief Select

I seriously suck at updating this blog. The past week I knocked out a few runs. I think those sprint intervals are paying off. I haven't run a 5k in weeks up until the other day, surprisingly my time wasn't bad. I at least was expecting my time to be 28 minutes or more. Instead I ran two 5k's in 26 minutes. I'll take it! Although one run took me 28 minutes to complete 3.2 miles but that was my second run of the day so my time doesn't count. lol

I'm slacking in the weight lifting dept. How is that possible since I have weights in my garage? Truth be told, I hate working out at home.

I'd still like to add to my little gym collection though.

Items Needed:
Squat Rack
Floor Mats
30,35,40 LBS Dumbbells
Dumbbell & Weight Plate Racks
Pull-up/Dip/Ab Station
Bosu Ball
Exercise Ball
 My husband is in week 4 (out of six) of the induction phase before officially advancing to a Chief Petty Officer. Four times a week the Selectees PT. Their workouts pretty much consist of running, running and more running.  He's been running so much one of his toe nails is getting ready to fall off soon. (Welcome to the club babe)

CPO 365 Phase II PT

Working at the County Fair

18 August 2013

Nicole Wilkins Track Workout

Finally I was able to get some runs in this past week. I didn't focus on miles, all my runs were sprint intervals. The track on base was recently resurfaced, so I've been taking full advantage of it. It's not a full 400 meter track but it's better than nothing. 

I wanted to run today but I am SORE after yesterdays workout. If your curious to know what I did, see below.

Nicole Wilkins Track Workout: 

4 - 400 Meter Sprints (I did 330 sprints because my track isn't a full 400 meter track)
Walking Lunges (on the straightaways)
Lateral Side Shuffles (on the straightaways)
Running High Knees (on the straightaways)
Step Squats (on the straightaways)

Check out pics from my little adventure in Tacoma the other day. I went the the high school where they filmed the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. If only I would of brought my running shoes. It would be a gorgeous place to workout!

13 August 2013

Weekly Recap

My husbands been so busy with Chief training he was able to watch the kids only once for me so I could go on a run. It wasn't my best run. I've been in a funk lately.

This week my goal is to wake up early in the morning to run before my husband leaves for work. Hopefully I will be able to get my ass out of bed.

The kids and I went to Point No Point beach last week. I packed my six pack fitness bag with healthy options but forgot a damn fork! My hands were gross from playing in the sand with the kids, I didn't want to eat with my fingers. I wasted my healthy eats and ate at Mcdonalds afterwards. Slowly but surely I am going back to my old eating habits. I gotta get out of this funk.

At least my husbands getting his workouts in :)

04 August 2013

Long Run Sunday

Wow, today's run was anything but easy. I waited to run until the sun made it's appearance in the Pacific Northwest. Running in the sunshine is how I get my nice tan. :)  My run today started out great but then about 20 minutes in I was TIRED. I took several walking breaks.
During my run I came across the marines field on base and noticed they have tires. I'd like to add tire flipping into my workouts but I don't want to do them by myself. I need a workout partner!

03 August 2013

And so his journey begins...

I wasn't all there during my morning run today. All I could think about was my husband and the new journey he is beginning in his Naval career. Today there was a meet and greet picnic with all the Chiefs, Selectees, and their family members. We had a great time. I love how my husband is very sociable and has no problem talking to random strangers. As for myself, I am quiet, shy and pretty laid back.

With the amount of working out my husband will be during the CPO season he is determined to healthy. After the picnic we headed over to Costco for some essential clean eating items. No worries, he will be eating a lot more food than what is pictured.

Protein: Chicken
Green Veggies: Brocoli
Carbs: Oatmeal
Healthy Fats: Almonds
Fruit: Watermelon & Cucumbers

We also bought a new rice cooker from Costco. It cooks 4-20 cups of rice, steams food and you can use it as a slow cooker. I almost didn't buy it cause I wanted a stainless one but for only $29.99, that's a great buy!!

01 August 2013

A stressful run

It's been a stressful week. My husband and I have been waiting very impatiently for Chief results to come out. This morning, after getting very little sleep, I went for a run in hopes to blow off some stress. I've been trying hard to hold my composure for my husbands sake but it's been tough. I hate the "not knowing" part in the Navy. One thing that I have learned from my husband in the last 12 years we have been married is to stay optimistic even if the odds are against us. Everything will work itself out. 

After my run I cleaned my house like a crazy person trying to pass the time. 

Finally at 12 pm today, I received confirmation  from my husband that he made CHIEF!!! 

Making Chief in the Navy is huge honor and an important milestone in his Naval career. I'm incredibly proud of him. He's a hard worker and he loves his job. He deserves this promotion! I know without a doubt he will be an outstanding Chief. Congrats babe.

30 July 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday - SPRINTS

Many of my friends ask me "How many times a week do you run? How many miles do you run?" in hopes that if they run the same amount they will lose weight. Honestly you don't need to spend countless hours doing cardio or run numerous miles a week to be fit. I run half and full marathons because I generally enjoy running. If you don't want to run a lot of miles, don't. Do sprint training instead.

One of the greatest things about sprint training is how it allows you to burn fat at a much higher rate after you are finished training. Sprinting is one of the most explosive and amazing workouts you could ever do.

If you can incorporate sprinting in your weekly workouts then you will: 

*Burn fat rapidly 
*Work your abs 
*Increase your metabolic rate 
*Build your legs and glutes

You only need to do sprints 2 to 3 times a week. Before you start sprinting, make sure you are warmed up by jogging around the track a few laps. If you are a beginner and 100 meter sprints seems daunting, run 40 yard sprints then work your way up. Sprint the distance of your choice and take a 1-2 minute walking break between sets.

Good luck!

Last week I took my workout to the track which only took me about 30 minutes to complete. The next day my abs, quads and back were sore!! 

Stair/Track Workout: 

Stairs  *15 Minutes
Track *10 100 Meter sprints 

26 July 2013

Race Recap (3 weeks late)

It's been a month since my last blog post. After the Seattle RnR I went on vacation in California. I am back in WA state but I have been struggling to keep my house in order, therefore lack of blogging. I also spend entirely way too much time on instagram (username: lisas_fit_life) eeek!! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I really do miss blogging. I enjoy reading other peoples stories and looking at all the neat and different blog designs. It takes me forever to to read through everyone's blog though. It also takes me forever to make a simple blog post. So that's why I am on Instagram more than blogger. IG is a lot easier to use but it's just not same as blogging. 

Folsom Firecracker 10k Race Recap



In California I ran the Folsom Firecracker 10k. I've run this race 3 years in a row. It's a great course along the American Bike trails. The first two years I ran it the sun gazed down on us and it was unbelievably HOT. I've learned that sun screen, glasses/hat, and hydration is IMPORTANT when running in 100 degree weather. Luckily this year the sun spared us and it was cloudy majority of the run. Thank goodness! I ran in the event with my friend Carolyn. She's my running buddy back home. We ran together during the entire race.

24 June 2013

Rock 'N' Roll Seattle Half Marathon Recap

Where to start?

I had the day before race day all planned out. I would stretch, foam roll, get all my gear ready, kids clothes laid out, pack snacks and be in bed by 9. Well all didn't happen as planned. I didn't stretch or foam roll. I didn't get anything ready till last minute. I finally fell asleep around 10-11pm. My alarm went off at 3:45, I slept right through it and didn't wake up until 4:36am. We were suppose to be on the road by 5 and parked by 6 and ready to run for the 7 am start at the Seattle Center. We didn't get to Seattle until 6:30 and we missed the prepaid parking that I paid $20 for (they closed that parking lot at 6), but my husband was lucky to find parking near the start line for only $5 (there went $20 out the window).

Via RockNRoll Seattle FB Page
Once I said my goodbyes to the family, I had to use the restroom BAD! I waited in line for the porta pooties but the line wasn't moving fast enough. I decided to hold it until I saw a restroom along the course. As I made my way toward my corral I stopped for the National Anthem and put my hand over my heart. Mean while others were walking around and being loud. Come on people have some respect for our Nations flag. Sorry, just a little pet peeve of mine.

There were roughly 20,000 runners. It took me about 15 minutes to get to the start line (not too bad). I saw Frank Shorter on the stage next to the start line. Frank Shorter! Damn I should of taken his picture.

Race recap- 

My legs were cramped and tight the entire race. Immediately as I started running I could feel some pain on my shin. I knew from the beginning this would not be a good race. I started out super slow because I really needed to use the restroom. There was a point when I didn't think I would make it and I'd have to pop a squat somewhere. Luckily 1.5 miles in I spotted the 1st set of porta potties. Thank goodness. I literally was going to pee all over myself.

After using the restroom I tried to pick up the pace and make up for lost time but my legs would not move any faster.

I finished the half marathon in 2:12:59. Not a PR or the time I was hoping for. I'm a little disappointed. If I would known I wasn't going to set a PR I would of at least stopped to take pictures along the way.

I love big races. There's something about running in large crowds that makes me smile. Running through downtown Seattle and seeing the streets filled with runners is an amazing sight to see.

There were local bands through out the entire course. That was a great "pick me up".

At the half way point they had this huge blowup thing over the street. Which put a smile on my face. So awesome.

Via RockNRoll Seattle FB Page
Via RockNRoll Seattle FB Page

Wear Blue mile. If this mile didn't give you goose bumps or a sense of pride, I'm not sure you're American! It first starts off with a memorial along side the road with pictures of military members who lost their lives while serving our country. There was a very quiet eerie feeling running past the pictures. Then after the pictures, the Wear Blue volunteers were holding full sized American flags. As I ran through this mile, many volunteers shouted out to me "go navy" (I wore my Navy tank top). I got a boost of energy during this mile. Thank you Wear Blue!

On the course we ran through a few tunnels. The tunnels seemed to go on for days.

Running on the highway overlooking the city was most breath taking sight on the course. I knew I should have taken a picture! Truly breath taking. Going over viaduct is always amazing sight as well.

If I am still in WA next year, I definitely plan on running in this race again.

12 June 2013

Fitness Weekly Recap June2 - June8

Workouts: Last week concluded week 4 of the Jamie Eason's live fit. I wish I could say I had a great week but instead I missed 2 days of the program and only ran twice. I am happy to report that I was able to get one long run in.

Sun Jun 2- Long run 8.36 miles

Mon Jun 3- REST DAY

Tue Jun 4- Leg day & Jacobs ladder

Wed Jun 5- REST DAY

Thu Jun 6- Back Biceps & 3 mile run

Fri Jun 7- REST DAY

Sat Jun 8- Chest Triceps

Food: Again, wish I could say I did my best here but I didn't. My amazing chicken and veggies only lasted two days. After that I was hooked on peanut butter jelly sandwiches, nacho cheese dorito chips and minute made fruit punch.

03 June 2013

Motivation Mondays - H 2 O Staying Hydrated

As an athlete it is important to stay hydrated. I make sure my water bottle is filled all the time. If I don't have my bottle then I end up drinking  sugary drinks or soft drinks (doesn't matter if its diet, caffeine-free, or flavored, they all contribute to dehydration). I choose not to drink sugary drinks or soda (on a daily basis) because they are empty calories. Think about it, a day of beverages can add up to 1370 calories!

Many people underestimate the importance of drinking water. The human brain is composed of 95% water; blood is 82% water; the lungs are nearly 90% water.

Water has many health benefits. Health benefits include:

Healthier Skin.
Healthier Teeth & Bones.
Healthier Joints.
Healthier Mind & Body.
Healthier Digestive System.
Reduces Fatigue.
Helps In Weight Loss.
Reduces Fluid Retention.
Increases Energy.
Helps Build Muscle.
Increases Muscle Tone.

I drink water at regular intervals intervals regardless if I am thirsty or not. Remember, by the time you are thirsty, you will already be dehydrated. For me, it is essential that I stay hydrated if I want to build muscle and experience optimal performance in the gym.

There is such a thing of drinking too much water. Although drinking water is important, don't get carried away and drink too much. It is suggested that the average person (which is fairly inactive) requires a minimum of 8 to 12 cups of water per day. However, this amount is far too low for athletes. Active people need much more to replace the fluid lost during exercise.