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28 August 2013

Weekly Recap - Home Gym - Chief Select

I seriously suck at updating this blog. The past week I knocked out a few runs. I think those sprint intervals are paying off. I haven't run a 5k in weeks up until the other day, surprisingly my time wasn't bad. I at least was expecting my time to be 28 minutes or more. Instead I ran two 5k's in 26 minutes. I'll take it! Although one run took me 28 minutes to complete 3.2 miles but that was my second run of the day so my time doesn't count. lol

I'm slacking in the weight lifting dept. How is that possible since I have weights in my garage? Truth be told, I hate working out at home.

I'd still like to add to my little gym collection though.

Items Needed:
Squat Rack
Floor Mats
30,35,40 LBS Dumbbells
Dumbbell & Weight Plate Racks
Pull-up/Dip/Ab Station
Bosu Ball
Exercise Ball
 My husband is in week 4 (out of six) of the induction phase before officially advancing to a Chief Petty Officer. Four times a week the Selectees PT. Their workouts pretty much consist of running, running and more running.  He's been running so much one of his toe nails is getting ready to fall off soon. (Welcome to the club babe)

CPO 365 Phase II PT

Working at the County Fair

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