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03 August 2013

And so his journey begins...

I wasn't all there during my morning run today. All I could think about was my husband and the new journey he is beginning in his Naval career. Today there was a meet and greet picnic with all the Chiefs, Selectees, and their family members. We had a great time. I love how my husband is very sociable and has no problem talking to random strangers. As for myself, I am quiet, shy and pretty laid back.

With the amount of working out my husband will be during the CPO season he is determined to healthy. After the picnic we headed over to Costco for some essential clean eating items. No worries, he will be eating a lot more food than what is pictured.

Protein: Chicken
Green Veggies: Brocoli
Carbs: Oatmeal
Healthy Fats: Almonds
Fruit: Watermelon & Cucumbers

We also bought a new rice cooker from Costco. It cooks 4-20 cups of rice, steams food and you can use it as a slow cooker. I almost didn't buy it cause I wanted a stainless one but for only $29.99, that's a great buy!!

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