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27 May 2012

Week 2 Complete...

I'm starting to have withdraws. I absolutely miss running. Especially on sunny days like the picture above. I miss long distance running or any running that's more then 20 to 30 minutes. For the past two weeks my runs have consisted of sprint intervals. As I stated before in one of my recent blog posts, running is taking a back seat in my life. I am focusing on body composition. No I am not trying to get "buff", I want to obtain a toned and athletic physique. I'd like to see where I can get with my highly clean diet and hardcore workouts :)

I completed week two of clean eating (Jamie Eason's LiveFit Diet). I've been following her diet plan to a T! I'm drinking a gallon of water a day. It's only been two weeks but honestly I'm surprised I've come this far and have not had a single piece of junk food in the past two weeks. There is no turning back now.

This is what my meals have been like for the last two weeks...

M1 - 5 Egg whites (I accidently got a little bit of yolk in my eggs pictured above, I hate it when that happens), 1/2 Cup of plain oatmeal made with water, cinnamon, flax-seed and chia seeds. 
M2 - 2 Turkey Muffins or Protein Shake
M3 - Chicken breast, brown rice or sweet potato, and asparagus
M4 - 2 Turkey Muffins
M5 - Chicken breast, brown rice or sweet potato, and asparagus
M6 - 5 egg whites with asparagus OR if I'm craving something sweet I'll have 1 plain gluten-free rice cake with 2 tbsp of natural PB and a few strawberries. 

Workouts are going great. I'm only able to go to the gym three times a week, so when I do go I make sure my workouts are intense!! On the days I can't lift weights I bring my daughters to the track with me so I can at least get a 30 minute track session in. 

5 Min Jog
30 Second sprint
20 Jump squats
30 Second sprints
10 Burpees
30 Second sprint
1-2 Min walk
30 Second sprint
50 Mountain climbers
30 Second sprint
20 Jump squats
30 Second sprint
1-2 min walk
1 lap of walking lunges......

Now lets get week 3 started!!

"I want to be inspired by the promise of success. I will work smart toward my goals. I'll surround myself with inspirational and motivational materials to keep me centered. I'm going to focus on what I want and WILL go for it."

20 May 2012

On Point....

Of course we weren't able to see the eclipse in WA!  Damn overcast and rain!!

The past week I have been on point with my diet. I weighed in on Friday and I'm 3 pounds lighter compared to last weeks weigh in. I feel great, I'm not tired like I thought I would be, since I've completely cut sugar out of my diet and waters the only thing I've been drinking the past week. Some of my workouts could have gone a little better but overall I am really proud of my self especially for being able to stick with this diet for a whole week. 

Goals for next week: I will continue to eat 6 small meals a day focused on protein and green veggies. I will kill each and every single one of my workouts planned for the week!

I've worked pretty hard this past week, I know I can do this, I got this!

16 May 2012

Jamie Eason's Turkey Muffins & Ab Workout

Today's work out went well! I went to the gym with a plan and killed my workout. Sometimes when I lift weights I feel like I take too long of a break between sets. Not today though! I worked out Back, Biceps, Abs and did HIIT. The time is currently 10 PM (past my bed time) and I can tell my back is gonna be sore in the AM. 

5/16/2012 Workout: 

Rows 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
Lat Pull downs 10-12 Reps 4 Sets (slow during the negative)
DB Rows 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
Chin Ups (Assists) 10-12 Reps 4 Sets (slow during the negative)
EZ Bar Preacher Curls 10-12 Reps 4 Sets (slow during the negative)
DB Curls 10-12 Reps 4 Sets 
Cable Machine Curls 10-12 Reps 4 Sets (slow during the negative)
DB Hammer Curls 10-12 Reps 4 Sets (slow during the negative)

HIIT consisted of 30 second all out sprints on the track, followed by 30 second walk repeat 12 times.

Abs- Finally I gave the ab pulldowns a try. Gosh, how come I didn't try this workout sooner?!?! Most people in the gym use the rope but I personally like using the bar. The rope hurts my hands. 

I'm going to give this ab routine posted below a try. I can't wait until I can go to the gym again!

The rest of my ab workout I had to complete at home (Insanity's Insane Abs). I was late getting to the gym and I had to pick my daughter up from daycare by a certain time. Next time I won't be late!!

My meal planning wasn't spot on today. I forgot to prep my chicken and I was starving so I ate way too many almonds! I know I know, almonds are a healthy fat, but too much and it's just FAT! I also didn't drink a gallon of water today. I came close but still not enough and that's probably why I didn't have that feeling "full" effect today. 

As I posted yesterday, I'm following Jamie Eason's LiveFit diet plan. For those who don't know who Jamie Eason is she is an American fitness model and writer. She is also a former NFL cheerleader and winner of the World's Fittest Model competition. She is currently a full-time spokesperson for, and she has her own column in Oxygen magazine.

Jamie has a few recipes posted on I made gave her Turkey Muffins recipe the other day. In her meal plan she suggest eating these twice a day during meals 2 and 5. To be honest, they don't taste bad at all, a little bland but not bad. I wonder how long it'll take for me to get sick of them since I'm eating a total of 4 of them a day. LOL

I'm sure Turkey Muffins sounds kind of scary, but really all it is is a turkey meatloaf made in a muffin tin (to separate serving sizes). So go ahead, give them a try....They are super easy to make!

Nicole Wilson just posted her turkey muffin recipe on FitnessRX.

Jamie Eason's Turkey Muffins

Calories: 80
Fats: 2 grams
Carbs: 4 grams
Protein: 11 grams


2 lbs ground turkey (or chicken) *Extra Lean*
3 egg whites
1 cup quick cooking oats
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp dried thyme
2 tsp dry yellow mustard
2 tsp black pepper
2 tsp chipotle pepper spice
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp garlic powder (2 cloves minced)
1 small onion (finely chopped)
2 celery stalks (finely chopped)

 Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray muffin pan with canola or olive oil. Mix all your ingredients together in one large bowl. Roll the mixture into balls and place in muffin pan. Muffins should be about the size of a racquetball. Bake for 40 minutes.

Makes 12 muffins.
Serving Size: Women: 2 muffins Men: 4 muffins

15 May 2012

Meal Plan

Yesterday I started following the meal plan from Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer.

 The meal plan focuses on clean eating, eating every 2 to 3 hours, and aiming for a 40-40-20 ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The plan is filled with endless egg whites, steamed veggies, turkey meatloaf muffins and homemade protein bars. If you want to tweak your options the plan also offers a list of “approved” foods.

I eat my first meal within an hour of waking, eating every three hours (usually 5 or 6 meals depending on when I wake up), and am drinking a gallon of water a day. I am also limiting my fruit intake to twice daily. Vegetables (only green veggies) will go with every meal, and no carbs (starch) after 7 pm (or 3 hours before bedtime).

I'm on day two of Jamie Eason's Livefit diet plan. So far so good. Two days in row I have been able to drink a gallon of water a day. When people say water fills you up, they aren't lying! The hardest part is making sure I eat every 3 hours. There will be times when I'm not hungry at my next meal time so I have to force myself to eat. Preparation is key though to following any diet plan. If I have all my meals planned out and prepped ahead of time, I am more likely to stick with it vs grabbing a quick snack out of my junk food bin.

Sunday I went grocery shopping and prepped all my meals for the week. I'm soo proud of myself!! :)

I've already written down my measurements and took my "before" photos. I will be taking progress pics, and weighing myself once a week to see if I need to tweak anything in my training or diet. It's time to shape up this skinny fat!!

14 May 2012

Work Out Training Plan

Today is week one day one of my new training plan. I've thought about following Jamie Eason's LiveFit but instead I decided to make my own training split.

Since my husband is away, I am only able to go to the gym three times a week. I have dumbbells and bands at home so I can workout from home on the days I can't make it to the gym.

I'll be doing high-volume lifting (high and low reps) and super-intense cardio. 

My gym days are M, W & F

Monday- Legs - Abs - HIIT

Tuesday- Full body workout, and one of the following...Zuzana Light workout, Insanity or The Asylum 

Wednesday- Biceps - Back - Abs - HIIT

Thursday- Shoulders - and one of the following...Zuzana Light workout, Insanity or The Asylum 

Friday- Chest - Triceps - HIIT 

Saturday- Abs, and one of the following...Zuzana Light workout, Insanity or The Asylum

Sunday- Rest

I'll probably switch some days and maybe add something else on Saturday; for the most part this is what my lifting plan and cardio regimen will be like.

Patient: The problem is that obesity runs in my family. Doctor: No, the problem is that no one runs in your family.

13 May 2012

Weekend Recap

I'd have to say this has been one of the best weekends I've had in the last eight months or so. I was able to spend some good quality time with my family.

The weather has been perfect the last few days in the Pacific Northwest. It's not only been sunny out, but it's been warm here; I've been able to wear shorts and flip flops! We had to take advantage of the nice weather!

Here's a quick recap of how my weekend went. Just want to point out that I ate like crap all weekend and I do not feel guilty one bit. I didn't cook once this weekend either!

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day! :)


In my last post I mentioned I wasn't going to work out over the weekend. I couldn't help myself though because of how nice it's been outside! I dragged my husband and youngest daughter to the track with me. While he sat his butt on the bleachers, my daughter ran a few laps and did some exercises with me. 

My husband caught on to my signature pose...hand on hip. LOL

She was able to run two laps non stop :) 

Her facial expressions running are hilarious.


Jumping Jacks


Mountain Climbers

Push Ups (Don't mind my hands, they are kind of too far out)


For dinner Friday we ate at Fujiyama's Steakhouse where they cook your food in front of you on hibachi grills and do all the neat tricks. 

Afterwards we headed to the mini carnival at the mall parking lot.

FYI, I hate tilta whirl. Makes me sick every time. 

I didn't go on this ride either. I can't stand rides that go round and round....(Okay, so I don't like carnival rides at all. lol)


Breakfast Saturday was at Denny's. I don't care what anyone says about Denny's, it's one on my favorite breakfast places to eat at! They have the best Belgian waffles 

We took the girls to the waterfront where they searched for sand dollars and crabs.

Who doesn't love mall food?!?! Pretzel with nacho cheese and a strawberry banana orange Julius is my weakness. 

For dinner Saturday we had Subway, ate our food at the park and after wards the girls searched for more sand dollars. I forgot to take pictures. I should have though, my husband hates eating outdoors but he didn't complain once! Probably cause he knew he was getting ready to leave :(

Sunday: (Early Sunday Morning before Sunrise)

I hate this part :(

Duty Calls . . .

My husband walking away to get on the bus going to the airport.  

Be safe babe and see you when you return!! I'm so proud of you, love you!!

The rest of Mothers Day I spent at the house making a grocery list followed by grocery shopping. I knew I should of went before my husband left. My 4 year old decided she wanted to act up today :/

Dinner Sunday, more Subway!! LOL 

10 May 2012

20 Minute HIIT Workout On The Track

I missed garbage day!! I was pissed! I needed to blow off some steam so I went to the track and tried a new 20 minute HIIT workout.

Today's Workout 5/10/2012

3 Min warm up - Light jog
30 Second Sprints
10 Burpees
30 Second Sprints
20 Jump Squats
2 Minute Jog/Walk
30 Second Sprints
50 Mountain Climbers
30 Second Sprints
20 Jump Squats
2 Minute Jog/Walk
Repeat 1 more round
Finish with a 10 Minute run at a moderate to fast pace.

I've come up with a new workout schedule and meal plan I will be following for the next 6-12 weeks. Stay tuned for details if your wondering what it is. My new plan starts Monday so I will be MIA till then. Working out is going to be on the back burner for the next few days. 

09 May 2012

Gym Time...

Going to the gym the between the hours of 4-6PM is always is a bad idea, all the guys go right after they get off work. Busy hours at my gym are early in the morning; while everyone's PT'ing, lunch time (guys go during their lunch), and after work. Yesterday all the benches were taken and all the weight machines were being used, so I grabbed a few dumb bells and barbels and headed to the corner of the gym by myself. The gym was crowded more than it looks in this picture. I was only girl in the weight room. Sometimes I felt like everyone was starring at me. Didn't help that I was wearing a bright pink t-shirt. LOL

Yesterdays Workout 5/8/2012
* Seated Cable Row 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Assisted Pullups 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Upright Rows (Barbell)12 Reps 4 Sets
* Lat Pulldowns 12 Reps 4 Sets Hold last set
* Zottoman Curls 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Hammer Curls 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Bicep Curls 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Isolate Curls 8 Reps 4 Sets

4.35 Mile Interval Run
Warm Up 5 min
40 Second Sprints x 15
20 Second Walk between sprints
2 Min Recovery
Repeat cycle
Finish with a 13 Min Run at a 8 min mile pace.

I swear my grandpa had shoes that look like this, without the pink Nike logo of course.

07 May 2012

Just A Quickie . . .

Today's Workout 5/7/2012 Chest & Triceps

* Bench Press 30 Reps 4 Sets
* Chest Flyes 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
* Around The Worlds 10 Reps 4 Sets
* Push Up 10 Reps 4 Sets
* Bench Dips To Failure 4 Sets
* 2 Arm Bent Over Tricep Extensions 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Overhead Tricep Extensions 15-20 Reps 4 Sets
* Tricep Push-ups 10 Reps 2 Sets


06 May 2012

Positive Self-Talk And Visualization

If you want to be a fast runner, interval sprints are a must. When I am doing intervals I have to visualize or use self-talk techniques to get me to run faster!! Here's one of my mantra's I scream to myself (in my head) when running:

"You can't slack off on your training runs. If you want to be fast, then you gotta move your arms and legs and RUN FAST!"

Or sometimes I visualize myself running away from a tsunami or running away from a bad person who's trying to inflict harm on me. Sounds weird, I know but it works.

Positive self-talk and visualization are such key parts of success in endurance sport. I talk to myself constantly (not out loud), mantras, quotes or just random thoughts, it works!

Today's Workout 5/5/2012

* 4 Mile run (intervals) Sprint for 20-30 seconds, walking break for 30 seconds repeat for a total of 4 miles which included rolling hills.
* Hill Sprint Repeats 6 times. I was trying to run at least 10 hill repeats but after my 4 mile intervals I was wiped out! Not sure if you can tell how steep the hill is I ran up (pictured above) but it's pretty steep.

Today snack. More fruit and yogurt. I really need to go grocery shopping! The toast I had this morning was white, it's all I had and I was desperate for my peanut butter toast! 

05 May 2012

What's Next?

Big Sur Marathon 2012 has come and gone. After months of training and finally completing the marathon, what's next? 

My priorities are going to change a little bit, I won't stop running but I won't run 5 days a week like I was previously. There are some races I want to run this year although I haven't decided if I will or not race in them. 

For now I'd like to take up weight lifting and focus on my physique. I've been an athlete since the age of 5. I did gymnastics, soccer, cheerleading in high school, through all of my childhood and teenage years I was an inline speed skater. As a competitive athlete, it made me feel strong and athletic. I've missed that feeling, and I want to get it back. Once your an athlete it becomes a part of who you are. 

Long distance running is time consuming and isn't going to give me the athletic and toned physique I am trying to obtain. In order to get rid of my skinny fat, I need to take up weight lifting.

I have been following people in the fitness industry and just by looking at their status updates and wall photo's, I've learned so much. I don't plan on being strict with my training or diet, all I want is to be consistent with it. 

Back & Bicep Day

Workout 5/04/2012

* Lat Pull downs 12 Reps 4 Sets (10 Second hold last set)
* Seated Rows 10-12 Reps 4 Sets (Pause last set)
* Lat Straight Arm Pull Downs 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
* Lat Pullovers 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
* Lower Back Machine 15-20 Reps 4 Sets
* Stiff Legged Dead Lifts (barbell)
* Assisted Pull Ups 10 Reps 4 Sets
* Hammer Curls (dumbbells) 12 Reps 4 Sets
* Spider Curls (barbell) 10-12 Reps 4 Sets
* Alternating Biceps Curls (Dumbbells) 10-12 Reps 4 Sets

As you can see I did more back exercises then biceps. No cardio.

Here's two meals from 5/4/2012. I haven't been keeping track of all my meals, but have been trying to keep them pretty clean. Top left is chicken seasoned with my new favorite Mrs. Dash fiesta lime blend, broccoli, baby spinach with balsamic vinegar and almonds. The bottom left is just a tuna sandwich (no mayo, only mustard), oranges, strawberries, and almonds. I've had this hankering for tuna sandwiches, and fruit lately. 

At 10PM the family and I went to the movies to see the Avengers; great movie btw! I knew was going to want to snack on something in the theater after watching everyone else eat popcorn and candy, so I went ahead and sneaked in my own snacks. Water, almonds and more orange slices! 

04 May 2012

Back To Working Out

Looks yummy doesn't it? Well it wasn't. I'm not use to eating like this so I couldn't finish my meal and my stomach didn't feel good afterwards. I've been eating whatever the few days after my marathon but I can't go any further living like this. So back to eating clean.

If your wondering where the veggies are; I haven't had any the last few days. Starting next meal, I will be eating veggies like it is my JOB!

After a nice 4 days off from running, I decided to work out again. I went to the gym for leg day. Lifted heavy weights, well what's heavy for me anyway. Then afterwards I went to the track and ran sprints. I hate how the track on base is soo tiny. It's only 300 meters when a typical track is 400 meters. Makes it difficult when your trying to run Yasso 800's!

5/3/2012 Workout

* Barbell Squats 12 Reps 4 Sets. 30 Second hold at the last set.
* Squats (no weights) To Failure 4 Sets 30 Second hold at the last set.
* Walking Lunges (with weighted plates) Not sure how many steps I took or how far but I went from one side of the gym to the other side. 4 Sets
* Leg Raises To Failure 4 Sets
*Calf Raises on Smith Machine 12-15 Reps 4 Sets
* Box Jumps 30 Seconds 4 Sets
* Box Step Ups (with dumbbells) 12-15 Reps 5 Sets (each leg)
* Forward Lunges (with barbell)  12 Reps 4 Sets (each leg)
*Track. 2 Lap warm-up, then 5 Laps consisted of sprints each straight away, then slow jog on the curves. So total a of 10 wind sprints.