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04 May 2012

Back To Working Out

Looks yummy doesn't it? Well it wasn't. I'm not use to eating like this so I couldn't finish my meal and my stomach didn't feel good afterwards. I've been eating whatever the few days after my marathon but I can't go any further living like this. So back to eating clean.

If your wondering where the veggies are; I haven't had any the last few days. Starting next meal, I will be eating veggies like it is my JOB!

After a nice 4 days off from running, I decided to work out again. I went to the gym for leg day. Lifted heavy weights, well what's heavy for me anyway. Then afterwards I went to the track and ran sprints. I hate how the track on base is soo tiny. It's only 300 meters when a typical track is 400 meters. Makes it difficult when your trying to run Yasso 800's!

5/3/2012 Workout

* Barbell Squats 12 Reps 4 Sets. 30 Second hold at the last set.
* Squats (no weights) To Failure 4 Sets 30 Second hold at the last set.
* Walking Lunges (with weighted plates) Not sure how many steps I took or how far but I went from one side of the gym to the other side. 4 Sets
* Leg Raises To Failure 4 Sets
*Calf Raises on Smith Machine 12-15 Reps 4 Sets
* Box Jumps 30 Seconds 4 Sets
* Box Step Ups (with dumbbells) 12-15 Reps 5 Sets (each leg)
* Forward Lunges (with barbell)  12 Reps 4 Sets (each leg)
*Track. 2 Lap warm-up, then 5 Laps consisted of sprints each straight away, then slow jog on the curves. So total a of 10 wind sprints.

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  1. That BBQ does look pretty good! Looks like you had a pretty decent workout. I need to start incorporating some strength training into my fitness plans.