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05 May 2012

What's Next?

Big Sur Marathon 2012 has come and gone. After months of training and finally completing the marathon, what's next? 

My priorities are going to change a little bit, I won't stop running but I won't run 5 days a week like I was previously. There are some races I want to run this year although I haven't decided if I will or not race in them. 

For now I'd like to take up weight lifting and focus on my physique. I've been an athlete since the age of 5. I did gymnastics, soccer, cheerleading in high school, through all of my childhood and teenage years I was an inline speed skater. As a competitive athlete, it made me feel strong and athletic. I've missed that feeling, and I want to get it back. Once your an athlete it becomes a part of who you are. 

Long distance running is time consuming and isn't going to give me the athletic and toned physique I am trying to obtain. In order to get rid of my skinny fat, I need to take up weight lifting.

I have been following people in the fitness industry and just by looking at their status updates and wall photo's, I've learned so much. I don't plan on being strict with my training or diet, all I want is to be consistent with it. 

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