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27 May 2012

Week 2 Complete...

I'm starting to have withdraws. I absolutely miss running. Especially on sunny days like the picture above. I miss long distance running or any running that's more then 20 to 30 minutes. For the past two weeks my runs have consisted of sprint intervals. As I stated before in one of my recent blog posts, running is taking a back seat in my life. I am focusing on body composition. No I am not trying to get "buff", I want to obtain a toned and athletic physique. I'd like to see where I can get with my highly clean diet and hardcore workouts :)

I completed week two of clean eating (Jamie Eason's LiveFit Diet). I've been following her diet plan to a T! I'm drinking a gallon of water a day. It's only been two weeks but honestly I'm surprised I've come this far and have not had a single piece of junk food in the past two weeks. There is no turning back now.

This is what my meals have been like for the last two weeks...

M1 - 5 Egg whites (I accidently got a little bit of yolk in my eggs pictured above, I hate it when that happens), 1/2 Cup of plain oatmeal made with water, cinnamon, flax-seed and chia seeds. 
M2 - 2 Turkey Muffins or Protein Shake
M3 - Chicken breast, brown rice or sweet potato, and asparagus
M4 - 2 Turkey Muffins
M5 - Chicken breast, brown rice or sweet potato, and asparagus
M6 - 5 egg whites with asparagus OR if I'm craving something sweet I'll have 1 plain gluten-free rice cake with 2 tbsp of natural PB and a few strawberries. 

Workouts are going great. I'm only able to go to the gym three times a week, so when I do go I make sure my workouts are intense!! On the days I can't lift weights I bring my daughters to the track with me so I can at least get a 30 minute track session in. 

5 Min Jog
30 Second sprint
20 Jump squats
30 Second sprints
10 Burpees
30 Second sprint
1-2 Min walk
30 Second sprint
50 Mountain climbers
30 Second sprint
20 Jump squats
30 Second sprint
1-2 min walk
1 lap of walking lunges......

Now lets get week 3 started!!

"I want to be inspired by the promise of success. I will work smart toward my goals. I'll surround myself with inspirational and motivational materials to keep me centered. I'm going to focus on what I want and WILL go for it."


  1. I was the same way about getting my cardio in which is probably why I stopped following this program after two weeks. Instead I switched to Body for Life with more sets, with decreased reps but higher weight. Continue on your path to success girlie. Can't wait to hear how week 3 goes!

  2. I am so proud of you and excited to see the results! You can do it if you put your mind to it. I love the pics of your girls running. You are providing them a wonderful example of the importance of being healthy and working out. It will impact them in a big way! Are your girls eating clean too? Good luck to you and keep it up!

  3. So good to see that you are being hardcore with this program. Let me ask you, a lot of people in her forum have said that they have gained weight during phase one mostly because the lack of cardio. Do you find this to be true? I quit this program at the beginning of phase 2 because i felt I hit a stop and switched to Felicia Romero's 360 Program, but you are making re-think about going back to Jamie's program.

  4. Just checking in to see how things are going. Did you get good results from the clean eating? I've done something similar in the past and really loved it. Hope all is well - following you! Cheers!