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14 August 2012

The Olympics.

It is every athletes dream just to be able to participate in the Olympics. I remember growing up watching the Olympics and being inspired by the athletes. This year once again I was glued in front of the TV watching but this time with my 10 year old daughter. Hoping that she would find inspiration or a role model to look up to. Even if she doesn't like sports, the point is for her to understand that if she finds something that loves, a lot of hard work is involved, nothing ever comes easy. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. There is always great information out there. Doctors, Lawyers etc are always learning and so should we. You never give up, you never stop. You always keep going no matter the set backs that may try to bring you down. Hard work pays off!

The Olympic Games is an inspiration for people worldwide.

There is no doubt that the sight of thousands of athletes in peak physical shape going for gold can be a strong motivation to get into better shape.

This summer’s Olympic Games has created a new group of role models. Inspiration of a new generation was the theme of the 2012 Games. The lives of countless people have been impacted in a positive manner with the Olympic Games in London. All you had to do was watch to be inspired.

The athletes spirits will be a legacy, having the chance to inspire someone somewhere at any moment. You really don’t have to be a sports fanatic to appreciate someone undergoing intense training to represent their country at the Olympics. You really don’t have to know all of its rules to have empathy for someone giving their all in the heat of the battle. These stories are reported in a very public way and are, sometimes, more compelling than the competition itself. Champions are, obviously, celebrated. But we tend to learn so much more in defeat. Sometimes, the efforts teach us more. It's not the number of curve balls that are hit your way that matters, It’s how you hit them out of the park that matters.

Take Felix Sanchez for example. The Dominican American who found out at the Beijing Olympics, the morning of the preliminary heat, got news that his grandma had died. He ran, but ended up doing horribly. He cried the whole day. He vowed that he would win a medal for her before he retired. And last week in London, he won the gold. After his race he pulled out a picture, placed it down on the track and kissed the image of the woman who raised him.

My Inspirations Growing Up...

Mia Hamm!! Shes inspired so many. She changed the game! I played soccer growing up. She is my favorite athlete of all time!! Gotta love her. I'm not gonna lie. I cried when watching her play at her last world cup. 

Gail Devers!! I had the privilege to see her run in the Olympic Trials at Sacramento State University. 

Michael Johnson. I had the privilege to see him run in the Olympic Trials at Sacramento State University. Although he sprained his hamstring :( 

Maurice Greene. I had the privilege to see him run in the Olympic Trials at Sacramento State University. 

I don't care what her critics say. I still love Marion Jones! I also had the privilege to see her run in the Olympic Trials at Sacramento State University. 

How could we forget this image? Kerri Strug! 

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