Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm Lisa a mom to two girls and a wife to a US Navy Submariner. I have a passion for running, nutrition and all things fitness. For me running or training hard at the gym equals 24 hours of complete joy in a day. If this blog inspires and helps motivate you, then I hope you continue reading.

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31 August 2013

Motivation - Inspiration - Quotes

You'll be much more successful if you follow your dreams and follow your passions. 
- Jay Weatherill.

Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.

28 August 2013

Weekly Recap - Home Gym - Chief Select

I seriously suck at updating this blog. The past week I knocked out a few runs. I think those sprint intervals are paying off. I haven't run a 5k in weeks up until the other day, surprisingly my time wasn't bad. I at least was expecting my time to be 28 minutes or more. Instead I ran two 5k's in 26 minutes. I'll take it! Although one run took me 28 minutes to complete 3.2 miles but that was my second run of the day so my time doesn't count. lol

I'm slacking in the weight lifting dept. How is that possible since I have weights in my garage? Truth be told, I hate working out at home.

I'd still like to add to my little gym collection though.

Items Needed:
Squat Rack
Floor Mats
30,35,40 LBS Dumbbells
Dumbbell & Weight Plate Racks
Pull-up/Dip/Ab Station
Bosu Ball
Exercise Ball
 My husband is in week 4 (out of six) of the induction phase before officially advancing to a Chief Petty Officer. Four times a week the Selectees PT. Their workouts pretty much consist of running, running and more running.  He's been running so much one of his toe nails is getting ready to fall off soon. (Welcome to the club babe)

CPO 365 Phase II PT

Working at the County Fair

18 August 2013

Nicole Wilkins Track Workout

Finally I was able to get some runs in this past week. I didn't focus on miles, all my runs were sprint intervals. The track on base was recently resurfaced, so I've been taking full advantage of it. It's not a full 400 meter track but it's better than nothing. 

I wanted to run today but I am SORE after yesterdays workout. If your curious to know what I did, see below.

Nicole Wilkins Track Workout: 

4 - 400 Meter Sprints (I did 330 sprints because my track isn't a full 400 meter track)
Walking Lunges (on the straightaways)
Lateral Side Shuffles (on the straightaways)
Running High Knees (on the straightaways)
Step Squats (on the straightaways)

Check out pics from my little adventure in Tacoma the other day. I went the the high school where they filmed the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. If only I would of brought my running shoes. It would be a gorgeous place to workout!

13 August 2013

Weekly Recap

My husbands been so busy with Chief training he was able to watch the kids only once for me so I could go on a run. It wasn't my best run. I've been in a funk lately.

This week my goal is to wake up early in the morning to run before my husband leaves for work. Hopefully I will be able to get my ass out of bed.

The kids and I went to Point No Point beach last week. I packed my six pack fitness bag with healthy options but forgot a damn fork! My hands were gross from playing in the sand with the kids, I didn't want to eat with my fingers. I wasted my healthy eats and ate at Mcdonalds afterwards. Slowly but surely I am going back to my old eating habits. I gotta get out of this funk.

At least my husbands getting his workouts in :)

04 August 2013

Long Run Sunday

Wow, today's run was anything but easy. I waited to run until the sun made it's appearance in the Pacific Northwest. Running in the sunshine is how I get my nice tan. :)  My run today started out great but then about 20 minutes in I was TIRED. I took several walking breaks.
During my run I came across the marines field on base and noticed they have tires. I'd like to add tire flipping into my workouts but I don't want to do them by myself. I need a workout partner!

03 August 2013

And so his journey begins...

I wasn't all there during my morning run today. All I could think about was my husband and the new journey he is beginning in his Naval career. Today there was a meet and greet picnic with all the Chiefs, Selectees, and their family members. We had a great time. I love how my husband is very sociable and has no problem talking to random strangers. As for myself, I am quiet, shy and pretty laid back.

With the amount of working out my husband will be during the CPO season he is determined to healthy. After the picnic we headed over to Costco for some essential clean eating items. No worries, he will be eating a lot more food than what is pictured.

Protein: Chicken
Green Veggies: Brocoli
Carbs: Oatmeal
Healthy Fats: Almonds
Fruit: Watermelon & Cucumbers

We also bought a new rice cooker from Costco. It cooks 4-20 cups of rice, steams food and you can use it as a slow cooker. I almost didn't buy it cause I wanted a stainless one but for only $29.99, that's a great buy!!

01 August 2013

A stressful run

It's been a stressful week. My husband and I have been waiting very impatiently for Chief results to come out. This morning, after getting very little sleep, I went for a run in hopes to blow off some stress. I've been trying hard to hold my composure for my husbands sake but it's been tough. I hate the "not knowing" part in the Navy. One thing that I have learned from my husband in the last 12 years we have been married is to stay optimistic even if the odds are against us. Everything will work itself out. 

After my run I cleaned my house like a crazy person trying to pass the time. 

Finally at 12 pm today, I received confirmation  from my husband that he made CHIEF!!! 

Making Chief in the Navy is huge honor and an important milestone in his Naval career. I'm incredibly proud of him. He's a hard worker and he loves his job. He deserves this promotion! I know without a doubt he will be an outstanding Chief. Congrats babe.