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04 August 2013

Long Run Sunday

Wow, today's run was anything but easy. I waited to run until the sun made it's appearance in the Pacific Northwest. Running in the sunshine is how I get my nice tan. :)  My run today started out great but then about 20 minutes in I was TIRED. I took several walking breaks.
During my run I came across the marines field on base and noticed they have tires. I'd like to add tire flipping into my workouts but I don't want to do them by myself. I need a workout partner!


  1. I am not a fan of running in the heat or with the sun in my face! Walking breaks are not necessarily a bad thing. I just read an article about it and it can actually be a good thing!

  2. You still got a great time on your run! Fast!
    I've often wished I had a workout partner too. Those tires would be awesome!

  3. Great job on your run! You were speedy! And flipping a tire sounds awesome!

  4. Still great time on your run! This heat has totally screwed up my running :( hoping I find the mojo soon!! Great job!