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30 July 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday - SPRINTS

Many of my friends ask me "How many times a week do you run? How many miles do you run?" in hopes that if they run the same amount they will lose weight. Honestly you don't need to spend countless hours doing cardio or run numerous miles a week to be fit. I run half and full marathons because I generally enjoy running. If you don't want to run a lot of miles, don't. Do sprint training instead.

One of the greatest things about sprint training is how it allows you to burn fat at a much higher rate after you are finished training. Sprinting is one of the most explosive and amazing workouts you could ever do.

If you can incorporate sprinting in your weekly workouts then you will: 

*Burn fat rapidly 
*Work your abs 
*Increase your metabolic rate 
*Build your legs and glutes

You only need to do sprints 2 to 3 times a week. Before you start sprinting, make sure you are warmed up by jogging around the track a few laps. If you are a beginner and 100 meter sprints seems daunting, run 40 yard sprints then work your way up. Sprint the distance of your choice and take a 1-2 minute walking break between sets.

Good luck!

Last week I took my workout to the track which only took me about 30 minutes to complete. The next day my abs, quads and back were sore!! 

Stair/Track Workout: 

Stairs  *15 Minutes
Track *10 100 Meter sprints 

26 July 2013

Race Recap (3 weeks late)

It's been a month since my last blog post. After the Seattle RnR I went on vacation in California. I am back in WA state but I have been struggling to keep my house in order, therefore lack of blogging. I also spend entirely way too much time on instagram (username: lisas_fit_life) eeek!! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I really do miss blogging. I enjoy reading other peoples stories and looking at all the neat and different blog designs. It takes me forever to to read through everyone's blog though. It also takes me forever to make a simple blog post. So that's why I am on Instagram more than blogger. IG is a lot easier to use but it's just not same as blogging. 

Folsom Firecracker 10k Race Recap



In California I ran the Folsom Firecracker 10k. I've run this race 3 years in a row. It's a great course along the American Bike trails. The first two years I ran it the sun gazed down on us and it was unbelievably HOT. I've learned that sun screen, glasses/hat, and hydration is IMPORTANT when running in 100 degree weather. Luckily this year the sun spared us and it was cloudy majority of the run. Thank goodness! I ran in the event with my friend Carolyn. She's my running buddy back home. We ran together during the entire race.