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13 May 2012

Weekend Recap

I'd have to say this has been one of the best weekends I've had in the last eight months or so. I was able to spend some good quality time with my family.

The weather has been perfect the last few days in the Pacific Northwest. It's not only been sunny out, but it's been warm here; I've been able to wear shorts and flip flops! We had to take advantage of the nice weather!

Here's a quick recap of how my weekend went. Just want to point out that I ate like crap all weekend and I do not feel guilty one bit. I didn't cook once this weekend either!

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day! :)


In my last post I mentioned I wasn't going to work out over the weekend. I couldn't help myself though because of how nice it's been outside! I dragged my husband and youngest daughter to the track with me. While he sat his butt on the bleachers, my daughter ran a few laps and did some exercises with me. 

My husband caught on to my signature pose...hand on hip. LOL

She was able to run two laps non stop :) 

Her facial expressions running are hilarious.


Jumping Jacks


Mountain Climbers

Push Ups (Don't mind my hands, they are kind of too far out)


For dinner Friday we ate at Fujiyama's Steakhouse where they cook your food in front of you on hibachi grills and do all the neat tricks. 

Afterwards we headed to the mini carnival at the mall parking lot.

FYI, I hate tilta whirl. Makes me sick every time. 

I didn't go on this ride either. I can't stand rides that go round and round....(Okay, so I don't like carnival rides at all. lol)


Breakfast Saturday was at Denny's. I don't care what anyone says about Denny's, it's one on my favorite breakfast places to eat at! They have the best Belgian waffles 

We took the girls to the waterfront where they searched for sand dollars and crabs.

Who doesn't love mall food?!?! Pretzel with nacho cheese and a strawberry banana orange Julius is my weakness. 

For dinner Saturday we had Subway, ate our food at the park and after wards the girls searched for more sand dollars. I forgot to take pictures. I should have though, my husband hates eating outdoors but he didn't complain once! Probably cause he knew he was getting ready to leave :(

Sunday: (Early Sunday Morning before Sunrise)

I hate this part :(

Duty Calls . . .

My husband walking away to get on the bus going to the airport.  

Be safe babe and see you when you return!! I'm so proud of you, love you!!

The rest of Mothers Day I spent at the house making a grocery list followed by grocery shopping. I knew I should of went before my husband left. My 4 year old decided she wanted to act up today :/

Dinner Sunday, more Subway!! LOL 


  1. Your husband sounds amazing! I also love that you didn't feel guilty after a wild food day, I'm sort of in the same mood these days. Even when I have a calorie heavy weekend I still find that I lose weight overall!

  2. Awww... I know the feeling about our loved ones leaving. My fiance just left last week and I miss him already. But I am very proud of him. Denny's, OMG its been years since I have gone there... may have to remedy that! :)