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06 May 2012

Positive Self-Talk And Visualization

If you want to be a fast runner, interval sprints are a must. When I am doing intervals I have to visualize or use self-talk techniques to get me to run faster!! Here's one of my mantra's I scream to myself (in my head) when running:

"You can't slack off on your training runs. If you want to be fast, then you gotta move your arms and legs and RUN FAST!"

Or sometimes I visualize myself running away from a tsunami or running away from a bad person who's trying to inflict harm on me. Sounds weird, I know but it works.

Positive self-talk and visualization are such key parts of success in endurance sport. I talk to myself constantly (not out loud), mantras, quotes or just random thoughts, it works!

Today's Workout 5/5/2012

* 4 Mile run (intervals) Sprint for 20-30 seconds, walking break for 30 seconds repeat for a total of 4 miles which included rolling hills.
* Hill Sprint Repeats 6 times. I was trying to run at least 10 hill repeats but after my 4 mile intervals I was wiped out! Not sure if you can tell how steep the hill is I ran up (pictured above) but it's pretty steep.

Today snack. More fruit and yogurt. I really need to go grocery shopping! The toast I had this morning was white, it's all I had and I was desperate for my peanut butter toast! 

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