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20 May 2012

On Point....

Of course we weren't able to see the eclipse in WA!  Damn overcast and rain!!

The past week I have been on point with my diet. I weighed in on Friday and I'm 3 pounds lighter compared to last weeks weigh in. I feel great, I'm not tired like I thought I would be, since I've completely cut sugar out of my diet and waters the only thing I've been drinking the past week. Some of my workouts could have gone a little better but overall I am really proud of my self especially for being able to stick with this diet for a whole week. 

Goals for next week: I will continue to eat 6 small meals a day focused on protein and green veggies. I will kill each and every single one of my workouts planned for the week!

I've worked pretty hard this past week, I know I can do this, I got this!