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01 May 2012

Big Sur Expo 2012

I will get to the race re-cap but since I haven't blogged the last the few days, let me play catch up starting with the Big Sur International Marathon Expo 2012.

The day before marathon day I headed to the expo in Monterey to pick up my bib and to check out all the vendors. I really wanted to hear Bart Yasso speak at the expo but I wasn't their in time for his seminar, darn I missed him! Although I was able to meet some else who is just as awesome!!

After I picked up my bib and bus ticket from the 3rd or 2nd floor, I started to head down stairs for my T-shirt and other goodies when low and behold Dean Karnazes walks right past me!! I didn't want to ask for his autograph like a groupie so I took a quick picture of him while other groupies stopped him.

See him? He's the one who's perfectly tan wearing the black backpack. LOL After I took this picture my husband and I proceeded to walk down stairs and guess who's all of a sudden walking beside us? Dean! Him and my husband exchanged a few words, while I was just standing there in awe. Dean was headed down stairs for a meet and greet, so I waited in line for twenty minutes to meet Mr. Ultra Marathoner himself! He signed my book and bib. How neat is that!!

After the expo we went back to our hotel to meet up with the rest of my family and did a little bit of sightseeing in Cannery Row. We didn't stay out to late because I had to be in bed between 7 and 8pm. Can't exert yourself too much the day before a marathon!


  1. How very cool that you got to meet Dean! I can't wait to hear about Big Sur. I want to run that marathon soon!