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18 July 2011

Apology Letter

I recieved this in my email today regarding the half marathon I ran this last weekend that was 1 mile short. I understand mistakes happen, if I am in the area next year I will run in this event again :)

July 18, 2011

Dear Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon participant -
First, we wish to thank you for joining our Foundation in what we felt was the perfect evening for a run or walk. We could not have asked for better weather or crowd of athletes.
Saturday night, as you know, the half marathon course was significantly off due to runners being mis-directed at an intersection that what we now feel should have been less confusing and better monitored. The wrong turn omitted runners from heading back to the finish line and completing mile six. Our sign ("1/2 Marathon to mile 7") was intended to direct runners after they passed by the finish and again though the ballfields. It is not my intent to offer an excuse, but to merely point out where the lost distance was. This mis-turn was clearly quite costly and was an unfortunate, and obvious mistake made on our part.
We are all runners too, and all share your passion for fitness and running in well organized events. We have received your e-mails and read your posts on facebook and are aware that many runners are disappointed and frustrated. We can only offer our most sincere apologies, a promise to improve and an immediate solution to the problem at hand.
Please know that we realize the commitment, energy, money and time involved in the decision to run a half marathon, and from a runner's perspective can only imagine your dissatisfaction.
While we can't fix what happened, we can say that this will most definitely not happen again. Along with our deepest, most genuine apology, we would like to offer you compensation towards a future event. We will be sending you a voucher that may be used as a half-off coupon to any of our upcoming events taking place in next 12 months, OR as a $30.00 (75%) discount towards pre-registration to the Moonlight Half Marathon in 2012.
As a non-profit organization with goals to provide free elementary school fitness programs with event proceeds, this offer is not a decision made lightly, but given the circumstances and a mistake on our end we feel it is the "right" thing to do.
Please allow us a second chance and the opportunity to provide you with a less confusing 13.1 mile course next year. In the meantime, we wish you the best with your athletic endeavors.


Dave Miramontes
Executive Director
A Change of Pace Foundation

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