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17 July 2011

The Half Marathon A Mile SHORT!!

2011-07-16 19.02.55

My timed goal for the Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon was 2 hours. When I crossed the finish line to see my time as 1:56:32 I was ecstatic because I THOUGHT I had set a PR. WRONG!! I remember looking at my Garmin several times during my run and noticed it didn't match up with the last few mile markers on the course. I really didn't think any thing of it at first, I just followed the rest of the runners and figured my Garmin was inaccurate. When I got home I checked the organizations Face Book page to find out that the course was indeed a mile short. Apparently around mile 7 we missed a turn or something. Many unhappy runners are blowing up the organizers Face Book page waiting for an apology.

Although I am little disappointed that I didn't complete a half marathon nor did I actually beat my timed goal but overall I had a good run :)

Race Recap:

Overall I placed 377 out of 949 people.

In my age group I placed 32nd out of 112.

Since the race was a night time race @ 7 PM, I tried to drink plenty of water during the day but stopped drinking around 5 pm. For lunch I had pasta salad, for dinner; 2 hours before the race I had a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. About an hour before I sipped on some cytomax and chewed down some shot blocks. I tried not to drink too much cause I didn't want to stop and have to use the potty during my run. My other concern was having to go number 2! Ughhh a runners nightmare. In the begining of the race I felt great! I tried my best to pace myself and not worry about other runners. I carried a pace band but never looked at it :/ I'm still learning how to use my Garmin 405! After mile 6 or 7 I took Gatorade and water from the stations. I hate drinking water early on in a race or else I end up needing to use the restroom. Around mile 8 I was a little dehydrated and I could tell a number 2 was on it's way. I tried my best to hold it in cause I did not want to stop. (This course also lacked port-a-potties) I kept on going but slowed down a bit, at this point my legs were hurting! Around mile 10 I finally came to a water station that handed out sport jelly beans. 10 - 15 minutes after eating those I felt a burst of energy and was able to pick up the pace. Once I heard the announcer I sprinted for the finish line. I wonder what my time would of been if it were a FULL half marathon?


Me and my friend Carolyn. This was her first half marathon :)


My daughter Marissa, niece Lexi and nephew Caleb who all ran in the Kids 1 mile.

2011-07-16 18.34.17


1 Mile finisher!!


Half Marathon (12.2miles) Finishers!!


  1. oh man a mile short? I would feel so cheated and bummed out!

  2. I would be a little put out too! Great job on 12.2! Like the new look of the blog.

  3. I would feel a little bit annoyed about this, but, then again, you have a PR for a 12.2 mile race. :)

  4. Congrats! I would still be proud, even if it was short!

  5. Nice job! Regardless of the course being short you still ran great and it looks like a lot of fun. :)

  6. nice job, regardless! when else do you get to run a 12.2 race? haha

  7. YOu are SO pretty and I love your outfit!:)