Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm Lisa a mom to two girls and a wife to a US Navy Submariner. I have a passion for running, nutrition and all things fitness. For me running or training hard at the gym equals 24 hours of complete joy in a day. If this blog inspires and helps motivate you, then I hope you continue reading.

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30 October 2011

My Current Goal


"You may be only one person to the world, but to me you are my world."



Deployment. While I hate my husband being gone, hate being alone, hate being a single mother and hate not knowing what he is doing and when he is coming home. I know that what he does is amazing. Someone has to do it and I'm proud that my husband is one of them. The sleepless nights and sporadic tears are nothing compared to the pride I feel. I am lucky to be married to a sailor even if he's never home.

On that note...I've fallen into a slump these days. I haven't worked out or run in what seems like forever! I'm ready to get out of this funk I've been in and get my fitness on!!!

I’d like to make a complete fitness transformation for when I see my husband again. I’m sick of being “skinny fat” I want to be lean and tone. I miss my athletic figure so I am determined to get it back!

My motto:

"I want to be inspired by the promise of success. I will work smart toward my goals. I'll surround myself with inspirational and motivational materials to keep me centered. I'm going to focus on what I want and WILL go for it."



  1. Hugs! I don't know what I would do if my husband had to be gone for a long time, but I guess i would do what all you military wives do, get by! Your kids are so cute!

  2. I think this is a really strong motivator to get in the shape you most desire. You have a good span of time, so you know you can do it without going to extremes. Just take it gradually and picture yourself in a hot outfit hugging him when he returns!

  3. Your girls are so beautiful. Military families are so incredible and you are no different. Work it, girl! I'm sure he will be impressed by your hard work while he has been gone. I think it is a good goal that will help keep your mind and body busy during his deployment.

  4. Deployments blow. The year mine was gone just dragged on and on but I found that setting goals (training for my first marathon) really helped pass the time.

  5. good luck with your fitness goals.

    my running partner's husband is in Afghanistan. She goes through a lot of the same things with her kids. I can't imagine how tough that must be.

  6. thinking of you during this time! and totally pulling for you for your goals! your girls are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Deployments are hard, especially on the little ones. But I found that I was actually more motivated to workout during that time. I made sure to keep myself busy and that's how running started.

  8. Good luck with your fitness goals. I can not begin to understand how difficult a time this must be right now for you --- stay strong. I hope setting some goals will help the time pass by more quickly. PS - Your girls are adorable!!!