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24 November 2011

Turkey Run 2011


Thanksgiving morning 2011 I ran in Sacramento, California's Run to Feed the Hungry 10k. I must have brought the rain with me from Seattle because it was the first time in the 18-year history of the fun run that it RAINED! It was a wet one! Good thing for my hat that blocked those rain drops from getting on my face.

Some of my family members participated in this race. My two brother in laws ran the 10k, while my sister, her two kids and my dad walked the 5k. Those kids are troopers I tell ya. We were all drenched and freezing cold by the end of the race.

I didn't beat my personal record. I'm a little disappointed about that. My time for this run was 57:25. My PR for the 10k is 55:37. I set that PR last year while I was at the peak of my Tokyo Marathon training.

I didn't wear my Garmin in today's race because of the rain. The Garmin 405 stops working if it gets wet. I wasn't able to tell the exact pace I was running but I did the best I could have done with the amount of time I have trained. 

There was a pretty good turnout for this race. I love large events. A preliminary tally showed 26,844 registered for the race. I'm not sure if everyone who registered, came. There were a lot of runners, but it didn't look like there were 26,844 of them.

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  1. That is still a great time, especially in the rain. Nice job!

  2. Love the pics! Good job on the race! :)

  3. Nice job, even if it didn't beat your last PR. Fun times. I love running on Thanksgiving now, it just takes the guilt out of eating a heavy meal. :) Jess

  4. great pics! love that this was a family event for you!