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26 November 2011



Staying motivated is key to achieving your goals. When you reach a goal it's natural to feel somewhat lost not knowing where to go next. The key is to keep it going and create a plan to stay on track. For some people I think it's hard for them realize that fitness is lifestyle and not a destination. The following tips can help you stick to your fitness program:

Begin Slowly. I've noticed that there are those who try to jump right into a fitness program and have a "do or die" type mentality. Therefore they wear themselves out quickly and end up quitting. Even though you are anxious to get moving and see results, your body needs to adjust to your new routine. All great achievements require time!

Goal Setting. A great way to stay on track is to continually set new goals. You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.

Inspiration. Grab a copy of a fitness magazine, or read articles online. I love logging onto Facebook and follow people in the fitness industry. I've learned so much just by looking through there wall photos. Seeing their daily posts gives me a lot of motivation on my off days.

Role Model. Whether you realize it or not, once you've achieved goals, you become a role model to someone. After I completed my first Marathon I have received many comments from friends wishing that they could do the same and how I have helped motivate them to living healthier lifestyles. Leading by example by is truly the only way to influence people.

Change. Switching up your training program is another way to keep you motivated and will help break plateaus. Find something that you actually enjoy doing. No one sticks with a regiment if it's boring. Your workout should be fun, functional and purposeful.

Journal. This is great way to stay on track and keep yourself accountable. You can refer and read past journal entries to help you stay motivated and remind yourself how far you have come. It's very easy to lose perspective when you are on your path to achieving goals so this will help you regain it.

Consistency. Consistency is the answer. This is a lifestyle, it doesn't end. Staying on your training and and exercise regiment day after day is what "works".

Positive. Surround yourself by it! A positive attitude is contagious. There will always be those who try to bring you down or steal your sunshine. Don't let them and move on.

Do whatever it is that helps you focus on your health and that will keep you motivated to fuel your body with proper nutrition for energy and well being.



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