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13 November 2011

Week In Review


Week one of Insanity complete! Well, maybe incomplete. I skipped the fit test. I can't count the reps while I am doing Insanity so I just skipped it. I also didn't complete cardio recovery either. So one of my goals for next week is to complete all the Insanity workouts for the entire week. My hamstrings and back is a little sore from this weeks workout but I am so glad I am getting my fitness back on!!

Here's how the last week went for me.

Monday - No workout
Tuesday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday - Cardio Power and Resistance
Thursday - No Workout
Friday - Pure Cardio
Satuday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Sunday - Rest Day THANK GOODNESS!


  1. Nice sentiment (everything you need is already inside)

  2. Hi from a new follower! I love the image and the words!

    I'm a Beachbody P90X fan and after I finish round 3 I had almost decided to try Insanity or Asylum. I've heard great things about Insanity and seen amazing results! In the end I couldn't resist sticking with Tony for P90X2!!

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    Good luck with Insanity!