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17 April 2012

Green Tea Anyone?

Yogi green tea is my favorite green tea. This is the only green tea brand I've found so far that I enjoy drinking hot anytime of the day with no sugar added. My husband just came home from DC so I had to show off my new Starbucks cup he bought for me.

I've been trying to eliminate sugary drinks out of my life! Some of you may have seen the pictures below circulating on Facebook. They are pretty self explanatory.

Dr. Tim Mathew, Kidney Health Australia's Medical Director, said research in the US had shown that one soft drink or sweet juice each day AT ANY AGE was associated with an 80% increase in the risk of acquiring diabetes in females. Soda is like diabetes in a bottle. Not to mention the sugar that is in these among other excitoxins (excitotoxins play a critical role in the development of several neurological disorders, including migraines, seizures, infections, abnormal neural development, certain endocrine disorders, specific types of obesity, and especially the neurodegenerative diseases).



  1. I'm trying to use less sugar in my coffee. I've given up soda already.

  2. Green tea is one of my faves too, but I have never seen this brand.

    Those sugar pics... scary!

  3. Holy smokes..those images of the amount of sugar in the drinks are indeed SCARY! Wow.