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19 April 2012

New Protein Shake Recipe & Frozen Banana's

Well this may not be a new protein shake recipe for you, but it is a new one for me. For the first time I added peanut butter to my shake; I did not like it. I like peanut butter cookies, reese's peanut butter cups, pb&j but I do not like peanut butter in my shake. Yuck! 

On another note, I picked up on freezing bananas and adding them to my protein shakes. I always have bananas in my shake but by putting frozen bananas it changes the consistency. Using bananas pack a strong dose of carbohydrates, making them a good natural energy source. Bananas can be bought in bulk and frozen for months. Simply peel a large amount of bananas at once and put them in plastic freezer bags, alternating their directions in layers so that they don’t stick. I cut my banana's in half before putting them in the freezer because I don't use a whole banana in my shakes.

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