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18 October 2012

New Goal for the 5K & 10K

I've set new goals for myself. Running goals!! Over the summer the only type of running I did was interval training. My priorities are going to change a little bit, I'm still going to weight train but I'd like to add more running back into my life. So my new goal is to set a personal record in the 5K and 10k distances.

New Goals:
5K : Under 23 minutes
10K: Under 54 minutes

How am I going to accomplishing these goals? Well I haven't put a training plan together yet although I do have an idea of what it's going to be:

Interval training (once a week)
Tempo run (once a week)
Hills (once a week)
Eating clean (all day every day)
Strength training (three times a week)
Plymotrics (once or twice a week)


  1. Great goals! I would really like to get my 5K under 23 minutes. Good luck with all of your training!!

  2. Good luck with your goals, you've got a great system in place! :)