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02 May 2013

Foam Roller VS The Stick

Injuries among runners are pretty common. We experience pain and stiffness in certain areas of the body. Stretching is great, but it is not enough to work out the knots in your muscles (known as trigger points). The best way to attack a troublesome muscle knot is direct pressure.

I don't have the time or money to see a massage therapist every week. The next best option to eliminate and prevent muscle knots is the foam roller or stick.

What's the difference between the two?

The Foam Roller-  
Relies on body weight for added pressure.
Good for holding over trigger points to release muscle knots.
Comes in different sizes and firmness.
Good for use at home or the gym.

The Stick- 
Relies on the hands to add pressure to the muscles.
Good for rolling across the muscle.
Comes in different lengths.
Great for travel or portable use.

Both tools are meant to serve the same purpose: self massage. Some will tell you that the foam roller is awkward to roll on but with the stick you have to use your arms and after awhile that gets tiring. Or you'll hear others say the foam roller works better on the hips and legs while the stick works better for the neck and shoulders.

There's pros and cons for each but in the end it's personal preference. I have both now, so whooohoooo!!

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