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25 May 2013

Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer

I've decided to jump on the band wagon and start Jamie Eason's Live Fit trainer. It's a 12 week muscle building and fat burning program. Live fit is completely FREE. There is a video from Jamie at the beginning of each phase that explains what you need to do during that phase and what to expect. There are videos to show you how to do each move. There are printable pages that are super convenient. The workouts are switched up every 2 weeks so you aren't bored (and you don’t plateau). The program comes with a meal plan and there is a supplementation outline that Jamie suggests with live fit.

Live Fit is broken up into 3 phases: 

Phase 1 is an introductory muscle-building phase with NO cardio. It's based on a 4 day training split. The goal is to prepare your muscles for a strength-training program that will also promote muscle growth. Not bodybuilder-quantity muscle, but leaned, toned muscle that'll give your body the "lines" you've always wanted.

Phase 2 consists of weight training at a higher weight and lower reps and also adds moderate cardio 'for fat burning'.

Phase 3 is a "cutting" phase where you continue your strength regimen while adding in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, super-sets and active rests.

I'd  like to point out that I am not following this program to a T. I am still running, in training for a half marathon.. I'm not looking for any drastic results. I just need a structured workout plan to follow for a while. I choose live fit because all the workouts are already planned out for you, it comes with a meal plan (which I've sorta altered a little bit), oh and did I mention that the program is FREE!

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