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26 December 2011

2011: Year In Review


This year I turned I can't into I did! On Feb. 27, 2011 I ran my first MARATHON and not just any marathon. I ran in the Tokyo Marathon with 36,000 plus runners!

I'd have to say the most memorable part was the preparation leading up to the marathon. I put in 110% into my training. There were many days when I would wake up at 4 in the morning just to run. Majority of my runs took place along the ocean side. Japan is a beautiful country with a such an intriguing history which made my runs that much more interesting.

Nothing will ever beat that sense of accomplishment I felt after I crossed the finish line. Tokyo Marathon 2011 was 26 miles of fun and the memory of a lifetime. It's definitely something I can brag about for the rest of my life :)

Less than two weeks later, on March 11, 2011 three disasters happened in one. Beginning with the 9.0 earthquake, followed by a tsunami and then a multiple reactor accident. The earthquake on 3/11 was immense and it went on for what seemed like an eternity. How the Japanese have handled the aftermath of this situation humbles me. They have handled this in a dignified manor, and an absolute civilized manor. There has been no loss of law or order, no loss of any kind of civilized decorum of the people. It has been something exemplary and something that the Japanese as a people can be proud of forever. Even though I wasn't physically impacted by the disaster it truly did have a emotional effect on everyone (including myself) who was in Japan during that time.

Tokyo Marathon February 2011



I remember telling my self at this point that I would never run a marathon again!




Two Mile Armed Forces Kids Run Yokosuka, Japan April 2011
(My daughter's first race)

IMG_1904 as Smart Object-1

Folsom Firecracker 10k in Folsom, California July 2011


Moonlight Half Marathon in Davis, California July 2011
(My first half marathon)



Moonlight Kids Run in Davis, California July 2011
(My daughter, nephew and niece)


Seattle Seafare 8k August 2011


seafare pic 8k

9/11 POW Memorial Run in Silverdale, WA September 2011


Run To Feed The Hungry 10k in Sacramento, CA November 2011



A runners best friend: Garmin 405
(Which won't work in the rain, did I mention that I live in the wettest place in the country? Seattle WA :/




  1. Hey you! It's been so long!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your lovely family. Happy new year! It looks like you had quite the amazing running year. Amazing accomplishments! 2012 is going to be another big year for you - I can feel it!

  2. Congrats on your first!! A first marathon is an experience you will never forget. 2011 was a great running year for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2012.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday this week!

  3. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I tagged you in a post of mine! :)