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07 December 2011

Running the Sahara. Movie Review.

First, I just wanted to say Thank You to those who commented on my last post. I really appreciate your support. Your kind words were a "pick me up" Thank you! :)

Who likes the new blogger dashboard? I hate it. I tried to get use to it but I switched back to the old layout. LOL

I am not really good when it comes to reviews but I can tell you that the movie "Running the Sahara" is a must see for you runners out there! You can watch it on Netflix. After I was done watching Spirit of the Marathon, I searched other running movies and came across this one. I am GLAD I did! The movie is a fascinating, inspiring documentary about three men who literary run across the Sahara dessert. They ran a total of 4,300 miles over 111 days across six countries. They ran the equivalent of two marathons every day.

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  1. I really enjoyed that movie as well! Don't know if you knew this, but the main guy is in jail now for fraud - quite a shocker!