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20 December 2011

Why I Love To Run


I've always been athletic. There are many reasons why I love everything fitness but running has a special place in my heart.

Every one who knows me, knows that I love to run. I have friends who ask me why I run and what motivates to do it. Well I just love running in general. My only regret is skipping a run. When you find something that you actually enjoy doing you will more than likely stick with it. Every time I run, it's like a gift to my self.

I love the feeling that running gives me – such a sense of accomplishment. Its something you have to do by yourself and for yourself. No one can run for you.


10 Reason's Why I Love To Run:

1. Running is an awesome stress reliever.
Running forces you to focus on yourself. Focusing on your breathing, your posture and taking the next step. After about 20 minutes I find that the stress of the day begins to fall off.

2. I love getting a "runners high". My "runners high" normally happens around mile 4. It's an amazing feeling, as if I can run as fast as I want and no one can stop me.

3. Running is my "me" time. Life as a mom and a wife can be hectic. Majority of the time I feel as if my life revolves around my family. Once I lace up my shoes, crank up the music on my iPod and hit the pavement, it's like nothing else exists and I can actually hear myself think.

4. Running helps me feel good about myself. My fitness, self-esteem and confidence have all shot up since I took up running.

5. Running helps me look good. Need I say more??

6. I love to set goals and achieve them. Having goals keeps me focused. Some people hate to exercise just for the sake of exercising, but with running, though, you can train for races, from 5Ks to marathons and beyond. Training for a race gives me a specific goal to work toward, which definitely helps improve my motivation to run.

7. I love running in races/events. It's awesome to get together with other runners and run the neat courses in neat places. Iv'e run in places such as Japan, Seattle WA and Sacramento CA. Running in the Tokyo Marathon is one of my greatest accomplishments and something that I can brag about for the rest of my life.

8. It is just down right fun. Its fun to go shopping for running gear – socks, shoes, shorts, etc. Its fun to read Runners World and other runner's blogs. Its fun to put new music on your ipod & check the stats on your Garmin watch. Its fun to run on new routes in new cities. Its just fun.

9. I love the running community. Runners always have something to say. We exchange experiences, discuss running routes, running shoes, watches, foods or drinks for fuel. Even if we don't know each other we all have this common bond.

10. I run to inspire others. A few of my friends took up running this year after I completed my first marathon. I ran with one of my best friends in her first half marathon this year. My friend from High School completed her first half marathon this past fall. Now I am in training for marathon number two that I will run with another one of my best friends (who I've known since I was 12 years old) in her 1st marathon. I've realized that once you've achieved goals, you have become a role model to someone. This comes with a responsibility and accountability to lead by example. I want to be a role model for my children and teach them how to lead a healthy life and take care of their bodies now.


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  1. Our reasons are so similar! Love it. Running is so fun.