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20 September 2012

6 Pack Fitness Bag!!

I am very EXCITED for my husband. He is now a 6 pack fitness bag (Durus 500) owner!! With this bag, NO more excuses are allowed!

It is all about convenience and this bag is IT!! With this bag you can easily transport an entire day’s worth of healthy foods, whether you are dieting to lose weight or are a body builder on a strict meal plan.

The Durus 500 comes with 5 meal containers and 2 gel packs. There are two outer pockets that has room for your water bottle, shaker bottle, fruit and silverware. The top compartment has space for your supplements, vitamins and protein bars. Amazing isn't it! I can't wait to get one for myself! I want the smaller pink and grey version!

At the gym today I was pressed for time so I said screw cardio, lift WEIGHTS! I've been home from the gym for the last hour and my arms are still shaking. They are going to be sore tomorrow. 


  1. This is the second blog where I've seen this bag and I think I'm going to get one. How convenient!

  2. Oh man I NEED this bag! LOL. Link to the pink one please? :) Hey, I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a blog hop today at my blog and would love to have you join in! Check it out!
    L Finch

  3. Hi! Visiting from the Runner's Blog Hop. I've never seen the 6 pack fitness bag. I think I need one! I love the shaky arm feeling after a workout :)

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  4. Have you traveled with the 500 on an airplane. I trying to decide between the 500 and the 300 but need it to fit on the plane. FYI they have purse style ones coming out soon too that are all girly colors. :) I need a bag asap. thx Leo

    1. Thanks for stop by my blog Leo.

      The 500 would probably fit under a seat of a plane if you tilt the bag on its side. The 300 would fit just fine.