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10 September 2012

POW Memorial 5K Recap

I didn't have any intentions on running in this event. But since we got back in town the night before and I was in desperate need of a good workout, I went ahead and set my alarm for the next morning to register for the race. It would be nice to set a new PR in the 5K but I haven't been running lately so I knew a PR wasn't likely going to happen. I went out there and did my thing though. I did pretty amazing considering that I've been eating nothing but fast food for the past two weeks and haven't been running. 

5K Time: 25:54.43

Mile 1: 8 Min Mile I tried my best to start with a slow pace. 

Mile 2: 8:14 Min Mile Started to pick up the pace a little bit but then I realized, omg I am tired as heck, I can't believe I am still running!!

Mile 3: 8:57 Min Mile Hill!! I've run up this hill plenty of times with no problems but this time was a little different and that hill kicked my ass! Once I got to the top I took a walking break, started running again, then took two more (quick) walking breaks. I tried to pick up the pace, but I was just too tired so I stuck with a pace I felt comfortable running. When I came across that finish line all I could think of was "Thank goodness the race is OVER!!"


  1. awesome race! btw, your legs looks crazy strong in the picture of you running!

  2. Awesome finish! 5K's are an incredibly hard distance for me but I love the challenge!