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20 August 2011

1st Long Run Of The Training Season!!


Today's Workout:

16 Miles


Do I look like I just ran 16 miles?!?!

Wanna know the secret to not looking like a sweaty pig after a long run? Run very very sloooooww! LOL This was my first long run of the season. It's the farthest run I have done since my first marathon back in February! I kept the pace pretty slow, even walked quite a bit.


There were a few times I wanted to quite because my pace was soo slow. Doesn't this little guy on your Garmin discourage you at times? Who in the hell is he to tell me I am behind? Then I realized I need to get use to running long distances again. So who care's if my time is slow. Sometime in September is when I will pick up the pace in my long runs.

Nothing impressive as for times, I'm just glad I got it done!


  1. 16 miles is impressive no matter how fast you do it! That is awesome. Plus I'm not nearly as sore when I slow down a little. Way to go!

  2. 16 miles is 16 miles - great job! And you look fabulous!

  3. You are supposed to run slow on long runs! I wished I looked that good when I finished a long run- fast or slow, I look like death!

    Your comment on my blog made me laugh- I totally run to get away from my kids, too! :) Love them as I do.

  4. No matter how slow you go you're always lapping the people at home on the couch. haha. great long run! and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. well done!! that's a loooooong way to run. be proud. :-)

  6. Good job!! Its very inspiring!! Doesnt matter how long it takes, what matters is that you finished it!!

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  7. woo hoo for getting back in the swing of things! it's definitely better to not kill yourself on the first few marathon long runs! at least that's what i'm telling myself as i just got back to running anything over 13 and it's killing me haha

  8. Way to go! 16 miles is awesome.