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23 August 2011

Easy 7 Miler, I need to work on pacing!


My times are all sporadic. I need to work on pacing. There were a few hills during my run so that might be why some of my splits were slower than others. I also had to stop at red lights a few times. Then at mile 6.53 I accidently stopped my Garmin watch instead of hitting pause when I had to stop during colors. On a military base in the morning and evening the National Anthem is played. Everyone has to stop and face the music (those who are in uniform have to salute). It doesn't last long but I always gotta make sure I have one head phone outta my ear so I can hear it. I don't want to be THAT "wife" who gets yelled out for not stopping during colors. It's a sign of disrespect.

Anyway, back to my run. I need to work on pacing and find my groove while running. I had a decent run overall. Those hills will help me build stamina and prepare for the Big Sur Marathon.


Do you like my itty bitty hotel room. This has been our home for the last month and we still have 3 weeks left! Surprisingly I was able to take a picture of the girls not bouncing off the walls. lol


At least we have a kitchen in our room. I really shouldn't have ANY excuses for my bad eating habits lately.


I had a good breakfast though. Green tea and plain oatmeal with a little bit of cinnamon and almonds. I'd like to try adding protein powder to the mix. The protein I buy is artificially flavored so it might not make my oatmeal taste soo great.


Do you ever wear the shirts given to you from a race? I have some pretty ugly ones. Especially the ones from Japan. But the shirt I am wearing in this picture is my favorite one :) I wear it all the time. lol


  1. Isn't it funny how some runs just have pacing that is out of left field? But nice job!!

  2. Hills will do that to you! I'm terrible at pacing as well. It is something that I've tried working on in the last few months.

    I didn't know that about the colors. That is so awesome! We live in such a great country. I LOVE the shirt. I always wear my race shirts :). Folsom reminds me of Johnny Cash, and he's the greatest.

  3. The t-shirts are my fav things sometimes about a race, the more I collect the better!!

  4. You are bringing me back with all these base stories. I remember stopping for the anthem and the cannon salute at 5:00pm. It was such a part of our daily routine that I didn't even think twice about stopping. Growing up as an Army Brat was great!

  5. It sounds like your actual pacing might not be that sporadic. Hills and multiple stops are going to throw a wrench in things.

    I wear some of my race shirts. Others not so much....

  6. I need to work on my pacing too. Oh, hills. I have been running hills for months now getting ready for CIM. I didn't run any hills last year and that darn course is HILLY. Especially the first half :)