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26 August 2011

Skipped Training Run...

Ahhh!!! I skipped yesterdays workout thinking I would be able to make it up today. Well, my husband was suppose to go to the gym this morning and then I would run after he got home from work. Well he didn't end up going to the gym before work so he went afterwards. I could of went running after his workout but I promised the girls I would take them to the fair tonight. As much as I would love to skip the fair and run instead, that would mean I would be taking away from my kids. That's the last thing I want to do. I don't want them to ever feel like my training is more important than them. Damn I shouldn't of skipped yesterdays run :(

Do you ever feel guilty when you skip a training run?

photo (11)

They are as evil as they look....
They were even worse after the cotton candy. lol

1 comment:

  1. The girls are so cute! I always regret when I miss a run, i keep thinking how I should have fit it in somehow.