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30 August 2011

Monday's Run

Monday's Workout:
5 Miles @ 9:31 Pace

This run actually turned out better than I thought. I almost didn't go because I had dinner at Applebee's before my run. I'm very surprised at how consistent my splits were, especially since there were hills involved in this run. I threw in a few sprints. Thought I was going to puke up my dinner but I didn't. Thank goodness.
My husband decided to take a picture of me after my run. I think he was making fun of me cause I went straight to my phone after I walked in the door.


  1. Nice job girl! Running after dinner can be tricky so I am incredibly proud of you! :)

  2. great run! love that you got faster as you went. and haha...i ALWAYS go straight to my phone :)

  3. WoW - running after dinner. Good for you!