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27 August 2011

A Treadmill Workout & Some Inspiration...

Okay HIIT fans! Here's a treadmill workout by IFBB Figure Olympia Nicole Wilkins. You could also take it outside with a beeping timer. This ain't for the weak and weary. Adjust as necessary.

5min warm-up

10 rounds of 30 sec at 8% incline speed 9.0mph 30sec rest (hop on and off treadmill- do not stop the tread)

Walk 5min
10 rounds of incline 10% speed 9.0mph (30sec on and 30sec off)
Walk 5min
10 rounds of incline 15% speed 9.0mph (30sec on 30sec off)
5min walk cool down

Good luck!!

Whether your apply these rules to your job or your training in the gym, you will begin to see positive change in your overall everyday life. When you live your life with this kind of positive mentality towards taking action, doors simply open all around you.


  1. That sounds insane! I think I would only try this on a treadmill at home, I'm sure I would fall off it at some point in the gym, haha!

  2. YIKES!! That workout is insane and I must try it. Hopefully I live to tell about it. :)