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01 August 2011

Sad but true. Very Disturbing...


Why are we so hard on ourselves, and why don't we see what others do? We need to appreciate our bodies for what they really are. We often see something (or things) that ARE NOT THERE.

I just want to point out I only feel like this from time to time, not all the time. But I do have some friends who swear they need to lose weight when in reality they ARE already skinny!!


  1. SO TRUE. this makes me so sad. We can work toward a change though!

  2. Yes, it can be true. Positive self talk does help and it does work.

  3. hey, you left a comment on my blog today and I accidently deleted it instead of publishing it! so sorry... just wanted you to know. :)

  4. This is totally me... I'm guilty as charged. I'm fairly thin but have always had a poor self image. Now, I think it's the way I eat that makes me feel ugly and heavy. I don't make healthy choices and I tend to get down on myself for it...vicious cycle for sure. I want to try to make healthier choices in my life because I know when I do, that's when I feel the strongest and most beautiful! Healthy = Beautiful

  5. So very true! I meet these young ladies pretty often when doing Personal Training or teaching CrossFit or Spinning. Girls that are skinnier than skinny try to lose some pounds.
    Positive self-talk and positive encouragement from others usually work... but it can be hard to see self in a way others do...

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