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07 December 2012

Another 5K & Leg Day

My current running goal is to get a PR in the 5k under 23 minutes. If I can run it in 22:59, I don't care I will take it as a PR! I'm starting to fall in love with running all over again. I'm looking forward to marathon training next year.

I lift weights before cardio but today I was in the mood to run first. I actually never run on leg day. The only cardio I do on leg day is the step mill and that's after I lift. Anyways, after my run I headed to the gym but I was exhausted from my run. I wasn't able to lift as heavy and I could barely finish my reps and sets. I'm a little disappointed,  I'll probably add another leg day on Sunday to make up for it.

I stopped using the smith machine for squats and started using just the barbell. Talk about completely different! Using the barbell for squats works all muscles, abs, back and even arms. Just squatting with the bar alone is tough for me and hurts my back. I need to prefect my form before adding heavy weight.


  1. I think I am going to start following your advice and doing my strength work before my cardio. I bag out on it too often because I'm worn out by the time I'm done with my cardio workout.

  2. Thanks for the tips. Gotta do all of it on the next marathon I'll be joining.