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14 December 2012

My three gym time pet peeves

There are rules of etiquette everyone should follow at the gym. I'm not going to go over all of them, most are common sense. I do have a few gym pet peeves though. Not many, I go to the gym on base where it's pretty laid back.

My three gym time pet peeves: 

1 - Chit chatting while on equipment: This doesn't happen often but there are times when people hog equipment. They sit and talk with others. I'm only allotted a certain amount of time at the gym, so I can't wait around on people. I don't mind when people do super sets but you wouldn't take as long if you didn't chit chat with others in between sets.

2 - Not whipping your sweat off the equipment: The last thing I want to do is lay in someone else's sweat.

3 - Not putting weights back: Not every one can lift the same amount of weight. I'm 5 foot, 100 and something pounds. I can't take a 100 pound plate off a barbell myself. Come on guys! I don't have a problem asking someone else to take it off for me but it's still annoying. -Another note to this... if I see weights on a barbell or a towel on a piece of equipment, I'll assume that machine is taken by somebody else. Well that isn't always necessarily true. There have been many times when I have eye balled equipment but noticed weights or a towel on it. So I wait and wait and wait for someone to finish using it, only to realize NO one is using the damn thing!

Gym towels. Do you use the gym towels they offer at the gym? I use to. Up until last week. I used the towel to put on the ground so I could do planks. As I put my elbows on the towel, a few inches away from my face, I couldn't help but notice a small curly hair on the towel. You know what kind of curly hair I am talking about! EEEWWWW!!! Never again.


  1. I have dealt with number 1 allll the time at my gym! There's a lot of sitting around on the equipment and chatting. That's my number 1 pet peeve!!

  2. #1 is one of my top pet peeves as well!


  3. OMG about the towel!

    I work in a college environment, so I end up working out in weight rooms that are usually filled with college aged boys. One time, one of them dramatically dropped his 65 pound weights (as they do- which is another pet peeve of mine) right next to my foot. Like, within half an inch. Since I am technically old enough to be his mother, I think the look I gave him (the "mom" look- the one my children get when there's trouble) intimidated him enough to find another bench to finish his set. He skulked away.

    And it always blows me away how they are strong enough to lift a 100 pound dumbbell, but too lazy to put it away...

  4. Yes on all 3! I actually saw 3 different women on treadmills with jeans the other day just chatting away on their phones or texting!

  5. Agreed! I workout at home now and you listed 3 of the reasons that I'm glad I do :)

  6. I definitely agree with the chit-chatting! When I was in the gym last week this guy was talking on his cell phone on a machine! But not actually working out, just sitting there. Dude this is not social hour!

  7. I just posted a couple weeks ago about annoying people at the gym,

    Another one that annoys me are the ones that use their cell phones, they are just as bad as the chit chatters, do you really need to check facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, instagram, email, texts, and google reader INBETWEEN EVERYSET!!!! Geez!!!

  8. ha I so agree with these! I used to go to Gold's and the huge HUFFING and GRUNTING kinda weirded me out too :)