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11 December 2012

Favorite muscle group

I posted the picture to the left on my instagram today. One of my followers asked this:

Just curious...Why do you like legs the best? They are currently my least favorite. Maybe because I do not belong to a gym and don't have access to nice leg equipment.

You do not need to have access to a gym to have a nice figure. There are plenty of body weight exercises you can do on your own to build muscle (if your competing in a fitness competition that's completely different).

I started playing sports at 5 years old. I did gymnastics, soccer, inline speed skating and cheer-leading. Being an athlete growing up I was able to build a lot of muscle in my legs. 

Once I started weight training at 17, legs became my favorite muscles to work out. I can lift the most amount of weight with my legs more than any other body part on my body. I can press over 100 pounds with my legs, I can't even lift half that with my arms. Ever since I can remember, I've always had strong, lean muscular legs.

I put a lot of work in to my legs over the years. I'm very confident when I step into the gym on leg day, therefore that is why legs are my favorite muscle group to work out.

What is your favorite muscle group to workout? 


  1. I am a runner, but my vanity makes me love working my arms. I think they are my best feature, and they are my favorite to work. There are so much exercises for them. I love working the legs too.

  2. I'm with Lindsay - back is my favorite followed closely by shoulders! :)


  3. I *NEED* to work more on my legs. I think I like to work my arms/shoulders best!