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26 December 2012

Time To Get Back On Track!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed eating holiday treats without the guilt. Every one is soo worried about what they eat during the holiday season but they should be worried about what they eat year round. Well what's done is done, now it is time to get on track!
Did anyone get presents that were fitness related? My husband bought me an agility ladder (which he failed to realize I already have one, so I'll be returning the ladder), gloves and  a training mat. Thanks babe!!


  1. You're so gorgeous!

    Ahhh, I certainly need to get back on track. It's been an eating/no exercise week!

    My mom is always trying to get me to drink green Tea. I need to give it another shot!

  2. I will get back in track fully after the new year I did get a new camelbak and a pair of Fivefingers, so I have plenty of motivation to get back at it. I figure I need some time off anyways, and I have been fighting a bad cold. Still, I am not good at sitting still!