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30 December 2012

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs ladder has been at my gym for some time now. I've never really payed any attention to it until recently after someone posted a picture on instagram of the machine, that's when I decided to give jacobs ladder a try.

This machine is up at a 40-degree angle to put the spine in a more neutral position, relieve the back of stress and engage core muscles. You climb up the ladder with your your arms as well as legs. You control the speed. It's not a fast moving piece but the fact you are using every muscle group equals more calories burned!

This would machine would be great to add in a HIIT workout. Climb the ladder for a few minutes, jump off, jumping jacks, back on the ladder, push-ups, ladder, kettle swings. 4-6 rounds! I'm just making the workout up as I type this. lol

If your gym has a jacobs ladder, try it. The machine is very simple to use.

The other pictures in my post are from leg day. After my weight training session I went to the track and completed 400m of walking lunges. I need my bootay to grow!!


  1. ooh man, my gym is pretty big, but we don't have that ladder - I've actually never heard of an equipment like that before, cool!

  2. I have seen the Jacobs ladder at the gym but have never tried it. It looks scary and I would probably fall off of it! I love your commitment to staying fit!

  3. My gym just out one in a few months back, but I haven't had the guts to try it out. The machine sits right in the middle of the gym practically, so I feel self-conscious about it, especially considering I have no coordination, and I haven't used it before. Regardless, I am sure my curious nature will kick in eventually, and I won't be able to stay away. Plus, there is a lot of winter left, and I will get bored of the elliptical.